101 Celebrities’ Beauty Secrets and Problems

  1. Kate Middleton had acne when she was a teenager
  2. Scarlett Johansson has a scar on her eyebrow
  3. Rihanna has suffered from cellulite on her legs
  4. Sharon Stone has very pretty legs
  5. Kate Middleton has very pretty legs
  6. Sofia Vergara has a beautiful smile
  7. Cameron Diaz has always had skin problems
  8. Megan Fox has bad skin too
  9. Olivia Wilde looks like she had breast implants
  10. Nicole Richie was fat before
  11. Miranda Kerr says yoga and pilates are her fitness secrets
  12. Sarah Jessica Parker had her facial mole removed
  13. There are  rumors that Rita Russic has got a boob job
  14. Dianna Agron is famous for her boobs
  15. Pippa Middleton, Penelope Cruz, January Jones, Eva Mendes, Dita Von Teese are some of the female celebrities with facial moles
  16. Rossie Huntington-Whiteley has always had thick lips
  17. Elisabetta Canalis has posed without clothes
  18. Rita Rusic is 51 years old and wears a mini-bikini to show her flat stomach
  19. People say that Andrea Bowen has gone through cosmetic surgery
  20. Pictures from before and after show that Dannii Minogue had a boob job
  21. Sofia Vergara’s Breasts were much more smaller before
  22. Miranda Kerr’s Boobs got bigger after she had a baby
  23. Delta Godrem and Angelina Jolie had braces
  24. Vanessa Paradis has got lots of wrinkles
  25. Brooklyn Decker has probably had a breast augmentation
  26. Kim Khardashian is one of the favourite curvy celebs
  27. Cheryl Cole Breasts lookes smaller before
  28. Jennifer Love Hewitt loves her breast and has got hair extensions
  29. Cheryl Cole has gone through a total transformation including dental makeover
  30. Coco Austin is one of the curviest celebrities in Hollywood and she is proud to show her bikini body
  31. Lady Gaga has got cellulite on her buttocks
  32. Pink didn’t seem to have gone through tummy tuck or cosmetic surgery after having her baby
  33. Hilary Duff, Eva Longoria, Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cirus have whitened their teeth
  34. There are rumors that Jessica Pare has got a breast reduction
  35. Kristie Alley’s neck sagged after losing weight
  36. Olivia Palermo has a nose that is an inspiration for Cosmetic Surgeons
  37. Mila Kunis has small breasts but there are images that indicate that she had got breast implants
  38. Natalie Portman has got small breasts
  39. Abbie Cornish has got a sexy mole and apparently she has had her nose reshaped
  40. Amanda Seyfried is one of the most beautiful blond stars in Hollywood
  41. Cate Blanchet has posed without Photoshop for a magazine showing her facial wrinkles
  42. Vanessa Hudgens has lost weight and it looks like she has had a tummy tuck
  43. People think Katherine Heigl is fat
  44. Hairdressers are asked to copy Daisy Lowe’s fringe and Cher Lloyd haircut
  45. Megan Fox has also had acne and is currently getting an arm tattoo deleted with laser
  46. Alessandra Ambrosio is an inspiration for implant size
  47. Miranda Kerr drinks a non-invasive juice that is expensive but healthy
  48. Lauren Stoner boobs are very popular
  49. Women who want to get a nose job consider Rachel Bilson’s nose shape
  50. Michelle Bridges arms are very toned
  51. George Clooney has spent a fortune on getting his teeth done
  52. Sofia Vergara, Selena Gomez and Salma Hayek are among the top 15 Latina Celebrities
  53. Caridee English had psoriasis
  54. Madonna and Beyonce had been seen with mustache
  55. Eva Longoria has had facial spots
  56. Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry and Marylin Monroe are famous women with nose jobs
  57. JLo has got a dolphin tattoo
  58. Emma Stone has got very white legs
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