153 Things that you can do to improve your body image

Body image is a self-perception. We all have different bodies, we all have different relationships with our body.

Your body might be the envy of the neighbourhood and you might not like it.

Being happy about your body is not about being fat or slim. Slim girls hate their bodies and ladies with excess weight seem to be very comfortable in their own skin.

I have put together a list of 153 things that will help you to improve your body image and I will explain you why.

Things that you can do to improve your body image

1. Don’t think too much about your body
2. Treat yourself like the most important person in the world
3. Understand that we all have different body shapes
4. Identify your own body shape
5. Understand what are the clothes that suit you the best
6. Wear the right bra size
7. Ditch the clothes that don’t fit you
8. Find a dressing style that you like so you can get inspiration
9. Create a healthy ritual and try to practice it everyday
10. Create your own beauty ritual
11. Make a time line and identify in your life the highs and lows in your relationship with your body. Try to discover similar situations that have contributed to the high and lows
12. Find a time in your life when you didn’t have issues with your body and describe how it feels. If you can recall one define how it would feel not to have body issues.
13. Time to be honest. Create a list of the habits that you have or little things that you have that affect your body: smoking, binge eating, sugary drinks.
14. Stop using words such as fat, smelly, ugly for yourself and for others
15. Define one of the things that you don’t like about yourself and observe how many other women suffer from the same thing
16. Understand that you believe what you say about yourself
17. Understand your family background
18. Make peace with your body
19. Find beauty in other people
20. Admire some of the features of your family members where you can see yourself
21. Draw a picture where you can clearly see what percentage you are giving to your body issues in comparison with other areas in your life
22. Be grateful for the functions of your body
23. Be grateful for your senses
24. Be grateful for your body parts
25. Appreciate your body for what it does for you
26. Notice that there are millions of people who would love to have what you have
27. Define what part of your body image is affecting you
28. Be honest and accept if you would like to look like someone else
29. If there is something that you would like to change of yourself what is exactly what you would like to change

30. Identify when that flaw started to bother you
31. Present yourself nicely
32. Don’t compare yourself with others
33. Treat youself like the person you want to be
34. Create a list of your best features
35. Observe what are the things that others admire of you
36. List what are the things that your really like from you
37. List a list of the things that you enjoy
38. List the things that you would never ever change in your life
39. List all the things for what you are grateful
40. Choose one thing that makes you really special
41. Develop a positive attitude,, tha makes you attractive
42. Aim to be considered a well-groomed person not a skinny person
43. Don’t compare yourself with glossy magazines most of those images are retouched
44. Don’t compare yourself with celebrities, they are only a very small percentage of the population
45. Understand that not even celebrities are perfect
46. Accept that being human is being imperfect
47. Try to turn around the things that you don’t like and maybe present it as an asset
48. Compliment others
49. Accept compliments
50. Learn a new skill
51. Make a list of your own skills
52. Make a promise to exercise a realistic amount of time. A time that you know that you will be able to accomplish
53. Engage yourself in fun activities
54. Contribute with the community
55. Find an association that might help you with your specific issues
56. Find help. There is lots of free help for different issues
57. Talk about your issues with other women that might understand you.
58. Relate to positive people
59. Reduce your negative talking
60. Use affirmations
61. Wear pretty clothes
62. Get pictures of yourself looking fantastic
63. Wear some make up
64. Change your hair style
65. Create fun beauty rituals
66. Don’t criticise other women’s looks
67. Find inspirations in magazines
68. Wear accessories that make you stand out from the crowd
69. Watch your language
70. Spend some time in the mirror admiring yourself
71. Understand that the face of the person that you are looking in the mirror is the face of a woman who is ______ years old. We tend to feel bad because we look old or because we have wrinkles but that is what happens when you are 40 or 60, you can’t look 20 because you are not 20.
72. Make high heels your best friends
73. Enjoy your sexual life
74. Watch out your posture
75. Participate in an activity that involves music: zumba, dancing,
76. Participate in one activity that connects brain, body and mind such as yoga, meditation or pilates
77. Acknowledge your feelings about your body but remember that feelings are not facts
78. Remember you don’t have to be perfect
79. Remember the beauty industry is huge and they want to persuade you that you need their products to look perfect
80. Consider that there are not products that offer you instant beauty or youth but you can feel good about yourself instantly
81. Remember that you are not the most important person for the rest of the world
82. Think that when others are looking at you they might not have been paying attention to your flaws as much as you do
83. Think that you would not value someone else for their flaws, we value others for what they have to give
84. Give more, practice generosity, it feels good!
85. Never starve with the aim to reduce weight
86. Don’t wait until you are perfect to do what you want to do
87. Stay in contact with nature, that will make you feel alive
88. Enjoy your sexual life if you are in a healthy loving relationship
89. Practice deep breathing often
90. Observe nature, nothing is perfect and everything is at the same time
91. Be thankful for being human and not plastic
92. Don’t follow diets just eat healthy food
93. Plan your meals with time
94. Be friend of the food you eat, they give you lots of good things that you need
95. Create realistic expectations of your weight loss regime
96. Don’ focuse on the scales and weight, instead focus on being fit and healthy
97. Find help to exercise
98. Indulge yourself in moderation
99. Read inspiring stories
100. Remember that to be accepted by others you have to start by accepting yourself
101. Don’t obsess with losing weight be focused on being healthy
102. Be patient with the people that won’t understand your healthy body image
103. Think of all the people that are happy and successful who don’t have the perfect bodies
104. Pamper yourself from time to time: have a bath with a nice soap, get massage
105. Get a beauty treatment that could help you to reduce a specific flaw
106. Listen to your body.
107. Sleep well
108. Worry less about your look
109. Define how you would like to be remembered and you will see how being skinny is one of the last attributes that people will remember of you.
110. Live the moment
111. Remember that we all have bad days but that doesn’t mean we are unworthy person
112. Keep remembering what are your strengths everyday.
113. Focus on the positive aspects of your life
114. Do something to have a life that you really enjoy: studying, gardening, charity
115. Don’t hide yourself
116. If you have unhealthy habits find ways to stop with the actions that harm you
117. Don’t blame yourself
118. Do realistic checks of your feelings or perceptions
119. Star something new like learning a new language, join a club, get involved as a volunteer
120. Do not skip meals
121. Be around people that accept you
122. Enjoy doing things with your body
123. Don’t wait until you are slimmer
124. Do not consume magic pills or meals
125. Be honest with what you are prepared to give vs how you want to look
126. Celebrate that you are unique
127. Remember that being fit is not only an image related thing, it benefits your overall body and mental health
128. Set realistic expectations based on what you can do rather than on what it can be achieved. E.g. exericise 3 times a week for 20 minutes rather than losing 3 kilos per week
129. Don’t compare with others
130. Find exercises that work for you
131. Develop a purpose statement in what you believe in relationship with your body
132. Be your own best friend
133. Ask for medical advice
134. Look at pictures of yourself and admire your beauty
135. Feel how good it feels when other people like you regardless of how you look
136. Learn more about healthy meals
137. List the things that create your image apart of your body
138. Watch your manners
139. Use your previous education
140. Create your own bio
141. Define some direction in your life
142. Talk about the image of yourself that you believed when you were little
143. Describe the image of yourself that others had of you when you were a teenager
144. Write a letter to yourself when you were 16 giving her comfort for the issues that you had back then
145. Understand and make peace with your parents for what you have to blame them for
146. Remember that you have grown up and you are not anymore that 16 years old boy or girl you are now a big girl who is ___________
147. Remember that you can actually choose how you feel about yourself
148. Remember that you can choose what you focus on
149. Remember that it is upto you to make the most of who you are
150. Make a promise to yourself to definitely be proud of who you are
151. Remove your fears of rejection
152. When you feel judged think that others could be experiencing their own issues
153. Develop personality strengths

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