41 Celebrities Bare All to Create Awareness of Organ Donor Foundation

Celebrities like Candice Bouche take their clothes off for a good reason: create awarness of Organ Donation.

41 famouos people from differen backgrounds and profession posed naked for Marie Claire in the aim to save more lives with organ donation.

The Naked Issue as Marie Claire called it gathered 41 stars to save more lives.

1 heart
2 kidneys
1 liver
2 lungs
1 pancreas

= 7 lives

2 corneas
heart valves

= upto 50 lives improved


THE TV STARS: Pearl Thusi and Bonnie Henna. THE DJ: Stacey Norman. THE MOTHER AND CHILD: Lee-Ann Liebenberg and Gia (This is my personal favourite picture)

THE SWIMMER: Cameron van der Burgh. THE SEXPERT: Dorothy BLack. THE BAR-ONE MAN: Lushwill Rossouw. THE ‘GHETTO TECH’ DJ’s Crazy White Boy: Konstantinos Karatamoglou and Ryan Murgatroyd. THE SCREEN GODDESSES: Roeline Daneel, Lalla Hirayama and Carishma Basday


Behind the scenes:

Media Slut ZA publishes all the details about the issue:

Biggest Marie Claire Naked campaign

Forty-one celebrities bare all to create awareness for the Organ Donor Foundation

In its biggest Naked campaign to date, photographed by heart recipient Marguerite Oelofse, Marie Claire South Africa asked 41 celebrities to show their support for the Organ Donor Foundation (ODF). On sale from 18 February 2013, the collector’s edition features some of SA’s most prominent celebrities, sport stars and media personalities in the nude.

‘This year’s shoot is sublime, but what really takes one’s breath away is the stories shared by our cover model Candice Boucher, our photographer Marguerite and the many of the celebs who participated,’ says Aspasia Karras, editor of Marie Claire. ‘Each one of them had a donor-related story to share and one can’t help but to relook this very touchy subject and rethink one’s involvement.’

‘Our aim this year is to get everyone not only talking about organ donation, but also to sign up to become a donor, or support the ODF financially. I know I will be doing both,’ concludes Karras.

The special 20-page photo feature in the March issue of Marie Claire not only features the nude celebrities but also shares advice on how to become an organ donor, frequently asked questions and more. From 18 February 2013 Marie Claire will be posting more facts about organ donation, as well as the behind-the-scenes footage from various shoots on the Marie Clairewebsite (Marieclaire.co.za) and the Facebook page (Facebook/MarieclaireSA). To follow the campaign on Twitter, follow @marieclaire_sa or search for #MCNaked.

Celebrities taking part in this year’s campaign include:

Cover star: Candice Boucher
Models: Rue Essop, Maryke Pieterse, Nicole Meyer and Kate Menson
The TV Stars: Pearl Thusi and Bonnie Henna
The DJ: Stacey Norman
Model and mother: Lee-Ann Liebenberg and her daughter, Gia
Spud 2 cast members: Alex McGregor, Genna Blair and Rob van Vuuren
Model: Tanya van Graan
Comedians: Siv Ngesi, Nik Rabinowitz and Daniel Friedman
Singer and Idols finalist: Melissa Allison
Radio talk-show host: Aki Anastasiou
Olympic swimmer: Cameron van der Burgh
Sex journalist and blogger: Dorothy Black
The ‘Ghetto Tech’ DJs, Crazy White Boy: Konstantinos Karatamoglou and Ryan Murgatroyd
Bar-One Manhunt Season 2 Winner: Lushwill Rossouw
The screen goddesses: Roeline Daneel, Lalla Hirayama and Carishma Basday
Lead singer of Lark: Inge Beckmann
The muso: Benedikt Sebastian
Designer: David Tlale
Radio personalities: Damon Kalvari, Bailey Schneider and Rob Forbes
Designer: Suzaan Heyns
Rugby players: Keegan Daniel and Craig Burden
Entertainers: Jonathan Boynton-Lee, Ty Keogh, Heino Schmitt and Bafikile Rapoo
Heart recipient and photographer of the campaign: Marguerite Oelofse
Heart surgeon: Dr Susan Vosloo
‘Through organ donation, one person could save up to seven lives,’ says Jooste Vermeulen, Director of Communications of the Organ Donor Foundation. ‘This includes the use of one heart, up to two lungs, two kidneys, one liver and one pancreas. Tissue such as corneas, skin, bone and heart valves could be donated too, resulting in improving the lives of another 50 people.’

‘Becoming an organ donor is really easy and it costs nothing to register with the ODF. What is very important is to inform your family should you decide to become a donor. This year we want to register 50 000 new donors and we hope that the Marie Claire Naked campaign will help us towards that goal,’ concludes Jooste.

How to register:
Marie Claire readers can show their support by signing up to become an organ donor via Marieclaire.com or at Odf.org.za, or call 0800-22-66-11 (toll free) for more information. Once registered, you will receive an information pack with an educational leaflet, an organ-donor card and stickers for your ID and driver’s licence. Most importantly, we ask that readers discuss their decision with their families, as they would need to give consent at the time of passing. Readers can also show their financial support by signing up for a debit order online at Odf.org.za to support the Organ Donor Foundation, which does not receive funding from the government.

About the Organ Donor Foundation:
The Organ Donor Foundation of South Africa (ODF) is a non-profit organization established in 1988 with the aim of addressing the critical shortage of organ and tissue donors in South Africa through awareness and education campaigns aimed at the public and medical professionals. The ODF is not a medical organization and plays no role in the allocation, or procurement of organs.

To follow the Organ Donor Foundation on Twitter: Twitter.com/I_Am_AreYou_SA
Also like the Organ Donor Foundation on Facebook: Facebook.com/org

Candice Bouche Bared it all for Marie Claire South Africa

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