44 Cosmetic Surgeons in Sydney

see the previous 25 cosmetic surgeons in Sydney recognised by the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery.

26. Dr. McHugh, John | Penrith
27. Dr. Moore, Colin | Bondi Junction
28. Dr. Muzikants, Peter | Glebe
29. Dr. Nair, Sarojini | Miranda, Surry Hills, Neutral Bay
30. Dr. Nair, Suri | Miranda
31. Dr. Parmar, Pramod | Manly
32. Dr. Peckitt, Ninian | Penrith
33. Dr. Prochazka, Tony | Campbelltown
34. Dr. Rastogi, Anoop | Double Bay
35. Dr. Rish, Adam | Bondi Junction
36. Dr. Roberts-Szudzinski, Andrew | Surry Hills
37. Dr. Schwartz, Jerry | Matraville
38. Dr. Seit, Samuel FFMACCS | Neutral Bay
39. Dr. Tatossian, Vera | Penshurst
40. Dr. Ting, Jack | Coogee
41. Dr. Wild, Lesley-Jayne | Glebe
42. Dr. Xu, Zhen | Double Bay, Liverpool, North Parramatta, Penrith
43. Dr. Zacharia, Michael | Bondi Junction
44. Dr. Zurek, Longin | Kogarah

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