5 Lipstick Colours for Formal Make Up of the Hollywood Stars

1. Orange

Jessica Alba's hair: straight and the top and big waves at the bottom

Jessica Alba went for orange, not a very popular colour among the stars but she looks fantastic.
If you have a similar colour palette you might want to try it.

2. Hot pink

Jessica Chastain wears hot pink in her lips

Jessica Chastain brought some hair to her face that she combined with a hot pink lipstick.

3. Peachy pink

Lipstick for a natural make up: Emily Blunt picked Peachy pink

Emily Blunt doesn’t need lots of make up, she likes to look natural so her make up artists chose a peachy pink that looks very good with those sparkly eye shadows.

4. Pink

Celebs with wrinkles at 38: Amy Adams

Amy Adams went for pink to match it with her romantic look and of course to keep up with the minimal make up look.

5. Red

Rachel Weisz Shows Pink Lips & a not perfect smile

Rachel Weisz went for the red carpet glamour lips to match her smoky eyes.

Make Up Tip of the Day

Remember that when choosing a colour you don’t only have to think of what is fashionable or what celebrities are selecting. Consider what are the best colours for your skin colour and also make sure they go well with the overall look that includes your clothes and your make up.

Other popular colours are:

Bubble Gum Pink for Anne Hathaway & Nude lips for Olivia Munn

Slick Hair Style of Olivia MunnAnne Hathaway | Facial Close Up shows wrinkles

Baby Pink for Tina Fey

Tina Fey's pretty face | Bust Picture

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