7 Weightloss Tips of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been saying that she has to do something to lose the extra weight that she has gained.

Although her fans find her curves extremely sexy the reality TV star has said that she wants to get slimmer.

Today she is sharing some tips to get rid of the excess fat.

1. Don’t eat the leftovers

‘Throw out those left overs!’ she wrote in her Twitter account.

2. Concentrate on buying items that would help them achieve their workout goals

The 32 years old said that when it comes to Xmas shopping.

3. Find a friend to workout with you

Kim has paired with Kourtney the pair to work out together so they could encourage one another.

‘Kourtney is my workout buddy right now. Ask a friend or relative if they want to workout together.’

4. Stay focused

‘We all gain a few pounds here or there during the holidays, and that’s fine.’

5. Eat healthy and limit your treats

‘… focus on eating healthier and limiting your ‘treats’… after all, Christmas is just around the corner.’

6. Drink more water

You’d be surprised the difference drinking more water can make to your weightloss mission and workouts,’ said Kim.

‘Most of us don’t drink enough, and you’ve probably been avoiding water these last few days and treating yourself to sodas, alcohol and yummy holiday drinks. Two-four litres per day of water is what you should be drinking, so strive for that!’

7. Dress with slimming outfits

Kim didn’t say this but she is showing this tip with an example of how to dress to look slimmer.

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