A Female Personal Trainer in the City – Sydney CBD – and Eastern Suburbs

Outdoors Female personal trainer

Are you looking for a Female Personal Trainer in the City -Sydney CBD or Eastern Suburbs?

If you are…
•Tired of the countless hours spent in the gym for little visual result?
• Of the endless frustration and deprivation of diet after diet?
• Do your energy levels plummet in the afternoons, leaving you fatigued and listless?
• Are you eating less and less and gaining more and more?

As a Personal Trainer Carmen Holder can help you to achieve any of this goals
• Body Shaping/Muscle Growth/Tone.
• Fitness & Endurance.
• Brides’s workout body shaping
• Core Strengthening and Stability.
• Increasing Energy Levels.
• Strength / Power.
• Stress Relief.
• Boost Metabolism
• Improve Self Image
• Sports Specific.
• Fat Loss / Weight Management.
• Injury Rehabilitation*
*In conjunction with your doctor or specialist

Train alone with me or share the session with a friend

My Session Structure

Exact session structure depends on goals but will always include:
• Functional weight training – To tone and strengthen muscles, boost metabolism and strengthen
bones, tendons and ligaments.
• Cardiovascular conditioning – To burn fat and energise you, will include some boxing/kickboxing
• Full body stretching – To improve flexibility and joint range of motion and aid in recovery of exercise


I am a Master Trainer and hold a certificate IV in fitness from the Australian Institute.
I have experience couching and as a player in sports such as volleyball, Karate and swimming.
I have a degree in Massage, reflexology and also I am Electronic Engineer.
• Certified III – Gym Instructor
• Certified IV – Personal Trainer
• Senior First Aid
• Registered Fitness NSW
• Boxing for Fitness
• Karate-do instructor(Black belt)
• Volley ball instructor
• Pregnancy Training
• Sports conditioning

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If you contact Carmen Holder – Personal trainer in the Eastern Suburbs and Sydney CBD please tell her you found about her at www.sydney4women.com.au

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