Abs After Zumba

Does Zumba work to flatten your abs?

This is Gina’s stomach (the instructor in the video).

Zumba is more a cardio routine to keep you fit but the program is structured in a way where participants can also work out their abs.

To lose the excess fat you need the cardio bit but the Zumba moves are also designed to work those abs.

I would say that it is a good idea to compliment Zumba with floor exercises for your abs. Pilates or yoga are a good combination.

For those of your who are curious about how the bodies of women who practice Zumba regularly look like I share with you some pictures.

These are from the official instructors of the Zumba program from the video: Zumba Fitness Cardio Party. HD ( I paid $50 dollars for it and it is free on YouTube )

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