Exercise or Tummy Tuck to Flatten Our Abs?

How hard is it for us women to accept our fluffy tummys when all the images that we see around us are from women that seem to have perfect and strong abs.

My abs are not too bad (they were for a while after giving birth) but I have been exercising for nearly two years and they are much better now. They are stronger and they are not sagging anymore but they aren’t still as flat as I would like them to be but to be honest I also know I am lucky because I don’t diet, I just eat healthy and although I have been exercising I haven’t done the amout of exercise that is required to lose the 100% of the excess fat.

But this makes me wonder if all those pictures of the stars that we get to see in glossy magazines affect our self-esteem when we look at our bodies in the mirror and of course we are far from looking similar to those firm and strong abs that we see.

I found this old picture of Cindy Crawford abs and I did love it because this is the reality of women. This is how our abs end up after having children and now we see pictures of the stars a few days after giving birth with not even a sign of pregnancy. I observe and observe pictures of models that had given birth and they don’t even have a sign of it.

These are the kind of pictures from top models that we get to see. They don’t tell us of course that these beauties exercise a few hours a day to have those super flat abs and of course they have strict diets.

We also get the retouched pictures like this one of Tamara Eclesstone who posed for a magazine in the UK and of course they retouched it.

Other celebrities hang around showing off their amazing bodies a few months after giving birth like Mel B does in Australia showing her toned abs. We have seen her here working out hard with her personal trainer and she is also the JEnny Craig ambassador (so she might be in a diet too).

I found some more realistic pictures of stomachs of real women. These are ladies who have gone through tummy tucks to improve the appearance of their bodies. These images are from before the surgery.

The reality is that most women don’t have perfect and beautiful abs like Victoria Silvstedt’s (picture below).

My questions are:

Do we have to learn to live happily ever after with our fluffy abs?
Do we have to exercise to tone up our abs?
Is plastic surgery something that we should consider?
Do we have to stop comparing ourselves to those famous ladies whose job is to be trim, fit and ‘perfect’?

What is the answer for real women who don’t have the perfect abs of the stars?

These are Rihanna’s ABs

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