There are many Acne scar treatments available in Sydney. We bring to you a list of them with comments from women in Sydney that have used those Acne Scar Treatments. Acne Scar treatments require that a person’s skin is free of active acne though. You will have to address active acne first. Read through the our advice on what to do to get your skin clear. Once it is clear, you can decide whether an acne scar treatment is right for you. Opinions are mixed on the efficacy of these treatments however.

Acne Scar Treatments in Sydney

acne scars treatments

Acne Treaments

Fraxel Laser Acne

Best for moderate to severe scarring


Best for Shallow imperfections rather than “ice pick” scarring

Laser Resurfacing

Best for Shallow imperfections rather than “ice pick” scarring

Chemical Peels

Best for Very mild acne scarring

Punch Techniques

Best for “ice pick” scars – similar to deep chickenpox scars


Best for Deeper scars

Saline Injections

Best for Best for shallow scars; less effective on deep “ice pick” or “boxcar” scars recommends to keep in mind when choosing an Acne Treatment the following points.

People experience different types of scarring from acne, and every person is left with different facial topography. Therefore, acne scar treatment must be addressed on a case by case basis. No single treatment is right for everyone. You and your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon will have to decide what is right for your type of acne scarring.

Since getting rid of acne scars is a complex process, often several of the treatments listed above will have to be combined to produce the best results. For example, punch techniques followed by laser acne treatments is common. Ice pick acne scars might require undermining the acne scars (subcision) followed by injections (augmentation). It is not uncommon to see more than two procedures combined as well.

Basic research into how acne scars are formed and how they respond to treatment is very limited. It has not been a well treated condition in the past. However, new treatments are helping.

Make sure you see before and after pictures of your doctor’s previous patients, and be realistic about results.

Picking at your acne can cause as much scarring as the acne itself. Do whatever you have to do to stop picking!

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Sydney 4 Women does not recommend any ACNE SCAR TREATMENT nor any of the Cosmetic Clinics, Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeons or Treatments that you might find here. We just gather information from different sources for your convenience. You have to be careful when selecting a Cosmetic Clinic / Plastic Surgeon for any Treatment or Cosmetic Procedure.

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