Acne Scars: Celebrities also have them!

Acne leaves scars and not even the stars can get away of the marks that acne leaves on their beautiful faces.

I have observed 1000s of pictures of celebrities and many of them who are far from their teen days still present some pimples and imperfections on their faces. Nobody is perfect and here I collected some pictures of celebs who show evident acne scars.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson suffers from Acne.

She mainly struggles with blemishes on her chin. She confessed that she digitally fix her photo shoots and that she has felt embarrassed of being Jessica Simpson.

If acne scars really bothers you get help, there are so many beauty and health professionals these days who can help you. There are many different treatments and technologies such as laser that can help you to improve your condition.

If you accept my suggestion don’t focus too much in those little things, you are a beautiful woman regardless of your scars, never feel bad of yourself because you have acne scars.

I didn’t have acne and I don’t have bad scars but I did and sometimes still have facial hair that made me feel bad about the way I look. What I think about that when it embarrasses me is that this is nothing, there is women and men out there with more severe health problems that would rather have my condition.

There are tricks to hide scars also with make up, in fact there is a young American Young Lady (Cassandra Bankson) who made herself famous by posting videos on youtube about tips and tricks on how to hide your acne scars and interestingly she became a model.

I know that it is easy to say it and hard to stop worrying. In fact a study found that being flawless is one of the main concerns for women.

” Understanding Women’s Complicated Relationship to the Mirror”, a study published by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal says that our skin is the primary concern, and most desired ‘area-to-change’, for women in their 20s to 40s.

See more than 27 pictures of celebrities with acne

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