Acne in Stars 2011

  • See more thant 37 pictures of celebrities with acne
  • If you have acne don’t feel bad even famous celebrities get those pimples that woman hate.

    Never let a simple and tiny pimple feel bad about yourself. You are more than a pimple!

    Remember all the good things about yourself and don’t feel bad if you are having a bad skin period.

    Look after your diet and don’t stress too much about it, the more you stress about it the more skin imperfections you will observe.

    Keep your face clean at night time and make sure your GP has seen your acne problem.

    There are many treatments available there at cosmetic clinics but as you can see even famous celebrities get facial skin imperfections.

    Anne Hathaway

    Not all celebrities are that lucky to be acne free and we have seen quite a few showing pimples and skin imperfections this year.

    Annalyne MacCord

    Annalyne MacCord

    Megan Gale

    The new L’oreal face says: “I’ve always been against any of my images being over-retouched on Photoshop because I just like it to look as much like me as possible,” (HS)

    Lea Michelle proves that you can still be pretty even with some pimples in your face.

    Lea Michelle

    Jessica Hart

    Jessica Hart also has some problems with oily skin.

    Denise Van

    With a trendy leopard top, Denise shows that celebrities do not have perfect skin but with a pretty smile you can always look good.

    Cameron Diaz

    Cameron Diaz has always said that acne is a problem for her. If you observe well the image you can see that she has got make up on her breasts to cover some acne manifestations.

    Cher Lloyd

    With this funky haircut is hard to pay attention to Cher Lloyd’s skin but she also has some pimples covered by make up.

    Amanda Seyfried

    Make up is covering it but we can see some pimples on Amanda Seyfried’s beautiful face.

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