Adam Selman: I’m unique

Adam Selman - Presentation - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014


Adam Selman wants to have his “own voice” in fashion.
The designer came to prominence after he designed costumes for Rihanna. When an article was published that focused on his work with the Umbrella singer, Adam realised he wanted his own line.
His first collection debuted at New York Fashion Week in September and Adam’s now busy preparing for his second collection to hit February’s runways.
“The New York Times did an article on me [being Rihanna's costume designer], where I said I would love to do my own label. Once I saw it in print, I was like, ‘Oh I should really do it!’
“It became an actual thing. For me, it was also important not to feel like I was riding on Rihanna’s coat tails. I wanted to say something of my own and make sure I have my own voice,” he divulged to British magazine Grazia.
He has also created stage outfits for Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.
Adam’s first collection involved a disco theme, with slinky dresses and shiny fabrics. He describes his latest designs as “hiking gear meets India” after he was inspired by a box of jewels that were recovered from a plane crash by a walker.
Adam’s price point is an important part of his collection and he aims for designs that can be worn by women who aren’t rich and famous.
“I wanted to make it affordable but still super-modern and fashion-forward. My girl is getting a lot of design for her money,” he laughed.
He also isn’t fussy with who he designs for, preferring to leave his clothes open to all types of women.
“I don’t have a particular ‘girl’ actually,” he recently told “I just try to dress a girl as I would dress myself, but in a super feminine way.
“This season I re-made the pants I wear every day. I’m super into sweatshirts, so I’ve been trying to evolve that into a woman’s wardrobe. I just want to make great clothes that girls are going to want to buy and wear.”

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