Adriana Lima’s Body After Having A Baby

Adriana Lima just had a baby and we all want to see how she looks.

I have heard a lot of rumours but here is she is proudly showing the world that even with some extra kilos on the Brazilian managed to be in the catwalk for the most awaited and viewed lingerie fashion show in the world, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that opened its curtains for a selected audience in New York. This year the VS Fashion Show was inspired by various themes including circus and nature, particularly flowers.

The Victoria’s Secret models flaunted their hot bods to show the world the sizzling lingerie designs. These supermodels are called the Victoria’s Secret Angels. These angels are so popular, they spend their lives promoting the popular underwear brand. All magazines and popular websites always talk about these beautiful ladies and today we have to talk about Adriana Lima who just had a baby 2 months ago and even with the excess weight that pregnancy leaves on women the supermodel literally squeezed herself into the outfit to be at the catwalk. Adriana is not the only yummy mummy who models for the re-known brand. Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio are other 2 hot mamas that have one of the highest salaries in the modelling industry.

Alessandra Ambrosio was the lucky model of the year. Alessandra had the honor of wearing Victoria’s Secret 2012 Fantasy Bra worth a cool $2.5 million. She confessed that she had to wait more than 10 years to be selected to wear the most expensive bra ever.

Here she is. Enjoy Adriana Lima’s Outfit and don’t be harsh on her body. I can see that she hasn’t lost all of her extra kilos. I believed they did a very clever job to present Adriana in this outfit. The high waisted underpants cover her tummy and create a visual image of a tiny waist and wide hips. Her boobs look amazingly big like most women do after having a baby.

I honestly believed that Adriana was hiding her tummy behind those high waisted underpants but here is another picture that I just found of her that revelas her stomach without a sign of pregnancy and birth. How can they do that in only two months? There is when we start to become suspicious of cosmetic surgeries.

If you want to enjoy how the other 2 mothers looked here are the images that Getty revealed of the super models.

Here is our Aussie Miranda Kerr with her angelical look that has made the entire world fall in love with her.

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