Affordable Dentists in Sydney

Why do we have to pay so much money when we go to the dentist in Sydney?

It is scary to think how much money you have to pay if you need something more than a dental clean up and a check up.

Very often I hear stories of people who rather get their teeth extracted before getting them fixed just because they don’t want or can’t afford to pay the cost of a root canal or other most expensive procedures.

The truth is our dental care is very important and we should not disregard our oral health. The best way to deal with our teeth is by having them checked regularly. That is the main reason why we should get a check up every six months. This preventive strategy help us to get our teeth in good health and also to save money.

Dental treatments are expensive when we have a big problems but big problems can be prevented if our dentist treats small problems. Dental problems grow. If they are diagnosed at an early stage the bill won’t be as expensive.

The truth is that in Sydney we are very lucky. There is a large number of dentists and they all have a different range of prices. There are dentists that charge a lot of money but there are others that can adapt their prices with customers with a lower budget.

Health funds have become very popular because they cover part of the costs charged by a dentist. For me having a health fund that covers my family’s dental clean ups and check ups is a peace of mind but I understand the complaints of many families that say that what the fund covers is nothing and the cost of the health fund can also be very expensive.

What I would recommend you is to shop around. Find a dentist you feel comfortable with (trusting your dentist is one of the most important things) and dare to ask about his/her prices. Dentists also need patients to maintain the high costs of their businesses. If you are really happy with your dentist but his/her prices are more than what you can pay talk to your dentist, he/she might be able to give you a special price.

If you feel you can’t afford a particular dentist call other dental clinics that have lower prices.

Does price mean quality?

This is what dentists that charge a lot of money will say but in my experience I can tell you that I have been seen by 7 dentists in 10 years of all different prices and in many different locations. I have seen a dentist at the University of New South Wales, I also saw another couples of dentists in fancy rooms in the City, I have also been at Blacktown No Gaps Dental and I can tell you that the difference is more in the facilities than in the actual knowledge and service of the dentist. The NoGapDental Dentist in Blacktown has offered me an excellent service as well as another small dental practice in Pagewood that is very professional but not as fancy as the Dental Clinics in the city.

What I can tell you is that good dentist don’t necessarily have to charge you with a very expensive bill.

There are affordable dentists in Sydney, it is a matter of shopping around and talking to your dentist. Do not neglect your dental health with the excuse of not having money to pay expensive bills.

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