Alexa Chung wants to design clothes

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Alexa Chung wants to create her own fashion label.

The British fashionista is considered a style icon and has modelled for the likes of Vivienne Westwood and DKNY.

Although she recently teamed up with beauty brand Eyeko for a range of cosmetics Alexa still has her heart set on a clothing line.

”All I want to do is design clothes. But you need loads of money to set up a label,” she sighed to British magazine Grazia. “It’s quite complicated and I have no f**king idea how you do it. But that’s pretty much all I want.”
Alexa Chung shows her legs in a pretty miniskirt

The 30-year-old star finds it difficult to imagine how she’d launch her own brand. She is typically confident about her ventures but is more wary about this particular idea.

”Usually I can see the future. I’ve got quite a good sense of what is about to happen. I see it happening and I make it happen. I can’t at the moment,” she added.

Alexa already has ideas in her head for what she’d include in the range, which remain faithful to her unconventional style.

”I just designed a really good bra in my head. Black see-through triangles, with a nose over your nipples and two cat faces,” she laughed.

The brunette beauty previously spoke about the process she went through to discover her own taste in clothing. Even though she made some fashion mishaps Alexa believes this helped her become who she is today.

“Realising what suits you takes time, so it’s important to try everything and not worry about what people at school will say,” she advised to the November issue of Teen Vogue magazine. “[It's] trial-and-error. I’ve made loads of mistakes, but it’s OK because clothes aren’t fundamentally serious – they’re a way to express yourself and have fun.”

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