Alexa Chung ditches winter dresses

Miu Miu Women's Tales 7th Edition - "Spark & Light" Screening - Arrivals. Alexa Chung wearing a futuristic shiny coat

Alexa Chung likes her kidneys too much to wear a dress in winter.

The stylish star is currently in New York for Fashion Week, where the hottest stars in the industry are battling icy conditions to sit front row at Fall/Winter 14 shows.

She headed to the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway wearing a futuristic shiny coat, skinny blue jeans and lacquered black heeled boots.

Alexa, 30, shared why she had picked the outfit with Grazia Daily.

“You need a good coat,” she shivered to the website.

“I’m so I got a space age coat from Marc by Marc Jacobs… I was going to wear a dress but it’s too cold and no matter how good that might look in a picture, I just can’t do that to my kidneys.”

Her buckled black boots looked great with a matching handbag.

The fashionista would always pick comfort over style when it comes to accessories.

“My footwear is fine… I think. These boots are weirdly sturdy and the ice has subsided somewhat so it’s less of a disaster zone,” she said.

Alexa sat front row at the show with stylish friends Atlanta De Cadenet and Tennessee Thomas.

She was excited about checking out the latest designs from creative director Katie Hillier and head designer Luella Bartley.

“I’m here because I’m excited to see what Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley have done with the brand,” she explained. “I was always such a huge fan of Luella so I’m thrilled she’s designing again.”

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