Alexa Chung Studies Cats

British Fashion Awards 2013 - Winners Room.Cat-eye Look


Alexa Chung has studied enough felines to master the .

The British fashionista is known for her dark outlined peepers and recently collaborated with make-up giant Eyeko to create a range of eye products.

In a video for the brand Alexa teaches fans how to recreate her signature look by using two of her creations.

“Ok so I wear eyeliner pretty much every day but it’s obviously quite a difficult thing to do if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, I’ve looked at enough cats to work out how to do it,” Alexa jokes to the camera.

The brunette beauty then picks up a small black tube before moving on to the application process.

“So I just take the Eye Do liquid liner which I’ve done with Eyeko and re-designed the barrel. That’s my actual handwriting!” she exclaims as she points to the packaging.

“I just do the flick on the outside first; then you fill in all along the eyelid. And it’s done!”

For an extra pop and to highlight the liner even more, Alexa, 30, recommends catering to eyelashes as well. She then proceeds to show the audience another product from her line and explains what gives it such a dramatic feel.

“To open up the eye even more, this is the Eye Do mascara and it’s pitch black, which sometimes with a mascara I feel like it goes a bit of a dusty colour or something but this is amazing,” she smiles. “Just [apply to your lashes] and the bottom as well for a Twiggy vibe. That’s it, that’s my make-up tutorial.”

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