Alexa’s Hydrating Secret


Alexa Chung “constantly” hydrates her skin.

The British fashionista takes care of her appearance to ensure her face doesn’t get dry.

Sharing her top make-up tip Alexa revealed her trick to getting a flawless complexion.

“I always hydrate. I moisturise constantly. I hate too much powder and foundation on my face, but it is completely down to how you look. I can’t tell someone how to do their make-up, as I don’t have their face,” she told British magazine new!.

“Someone might have fantastic eyebrows, but I don’t. My make-up tip, only for me, is to wing my eyes with eyeliner. My eyes can look really small otherwise… I like liquid eyeliner. I don’t normally use kohl as I don’t line the inside of my eyes because they are quite narrow and it makes me look evil!”

There is one particular product she always turns to when achieving this unblemished look. When choosing what to use Alexa caters to her features and ashen exterior.

“I like Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. I don’t really bronze,” she explained. “I’m committed to whatever I happen to look like, so if I’m tanned that’s fine, but if I’m not then I’ll go for the Gothic pale look.”

She also embraces her fair skin tone when it comes to her nails. Alexa opts for relaxed shades which look more natural than bright colours.

“I like nude nails, because the look is classic, but I really like coral and salmon nail colours too,” she added.


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