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Welcome to the Beauty and Health Guide in Allambie Heights.

Find beauty salons, hair salons, nail salons, laser and cosmetic clinics, gps, medical centres, dentists, natural therapists and more.

Hair and Beauty Salons

Serenity Essence of Beauty
21 Roosevelt Avenue, Allambie Heights NSW 2100
(02) 9453 0100 ‎

Skin Sensations
83 Madison Way, Allambie Heights NSW 2100
(02) 9975 3598 ‎

Raffles House of Beauty
128 Allambie Road, Allambie Heights NSW 2100
(02) 9452 1410 ‎

Strand 22 for Hair
Kelpa Place, Allambie Heights NSW 2100
(02) 9975 6153

Nail Salons

Until today I haven’t found a salon in Brookvale that is only dedicated to nails. You can go to Warringah Mall where there is a couple of nail salons.

Doctors and Medical Centres

Allambie Medical Centre
44 Kentwell Road, Allambie NSW 2100
(02) 9907 1177

There are many more doctors and GPs in Brookvale.


Polis Cary
4 Flers Street, Allambie Heights NSW 2100
(02) 9451 5400 ‎

Allambie Dental Centre
44 Kentwell Road, Allambie NSW 2100
(02) 9905 0639 ‎

The Dentists Brookvale
680 Pittwater Road, Brookvale NSW 2100
(02) 9938 6618 ‎ ‎


I couldn’t find any gym located in Allambie Heights. Your closest gym would be in Brookvale or even Manly.

Laser Clinics

I couldn’t find laser/cosmetic clinics in Allambie Heights. Your closest one would probably in Brookvale. Chatswook, Neutral Bay and North Sydney host a large number of businesses that offer cosmetic medical treatments.

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