Alternatives for Botox and Cosmetic Injections

there are natural remedies for botox

We know that fine lines and wrinkles are a natural part of getting older, but that doesn’t stop us seeking out ways to slow down the ageing process.

From high-tech creams to more invasive aesthetic treatments, there are plenty of options available.

We caught up with top skincare aesthetician Vicki Smith to discover her youth boosting tips.

“Ageing of the skin is a natural process that comes to us all,” says Vicki, founder of top clinic Absolute Aesthetics.

“After all, as the skin ages, the elasticity decreases and the skin wrinkles.

“And this is most apparent on facial skin as the face is always exposed to the external environment and the hostile factors within it.
there are natural remedies for botox
“Plus, as we use facial muscles constantly, the continual movement of the face can start to leave lines and wrinkles in certain areas – often across the forehead and around crow’s feet around the eyes.

“With ageing, the skin loses moisture, collagen and elasticity, making the skin dryer and thinner and thus prone to wrinkling,” she adds.

It’s this loss of collagen and elasticity that has fuelled a global demand for aesthetic fillers and Botox.

But for some people the idea of injecting such a sensitive area as the face outweighs the benefits.

However, even if you’re not keen on injectables, there are other less-invasive options available.

The most talked-about development of 2013 has been Bio Skin Jetting which is a technique used to reactivate the body’s own collagen production

It’s a subtle method that works by encouraging the body’s own natural collagen and elastin fibres to reproduce under facial lines or wrinkles to ‘plump’ them out and smooth the skin.

“As children we all have cells that produce collagen readily,” explains Vicki. “And as we grow into adulthood, these cells only become active when we are injured.

“Therefore, through very careful mimicking of injury using the Bio Skin Jetting probe, we can kick start cells into producing collagen again.”

The technique involves using a fine probe and inserting it just beneath the skin along the wrinkle.

“The probe then stimulates the local circulation, encouraging blood flow, which brings oxygen and nutrients to the local cells to increase nourishment to the skin in that area,” explains Vicki.

“Plus, the treated area is filled with the body’s own serum, meaning collagen and other natural proteins flood into this area.”

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