Amazing Clothes, Accessories & Body: Sofia Vergara has it all

Sofia Vergara wears as short and body hugging jumper

Sofia Vergara has said it so many times, she likes to look pretty, she doesn’t trust in natural beauty, she has to wear make up and she believes that is part of being Latin.

The Colombian actress was spotted wearing this incredible and simple outfit at the set of A Modern Family. Sofia is the kind of woman who knows what she has and she always manages to make the most of it. Look how graciously the star shows her curves: with elegance and style.

Sofia paired skinny and tight black pants with a short cardigan. The colour of the cardigan makes you wonder who is wearing that luminous garment and of course is Sofia who likes to take risks.

The mother of one doesn’t leave things just like this, just observe how many accessories she has got on, from rings to heavy earrings but they all blend together nicely.

What exercises Sofia Vergara does to have this sexy butt?

If Sofia has it all: nice body, nice clothes and nice accessories she also needs to have incredible shoes and she does just check out these stunning pair of pumps.

Sofia also has an incredible hair, it looks like she spends a lot of time getting her hair treated.

Sofia’s body makes us wonder what kind of exercises she does to stay this slim and it seems that everything is in place. The actress rarely talks about her exercise routine but I would like to guess that she follows one. She has said that she loves good life so she treats herself with good food and some drinks from time to time. Overall, Sofia always manages to look stunning even if it is just in a set casual shot.

Sofia Vergara wears a good cardigan for busty women


How to dress if I am busty

A good cardigan for busty women:
We can see how well this cardigan works for a busty woman. The only trick if you dare to wear this type of cardigan) if you are busty is that you have to make sure that your waistline is also small, otherwise your big boobs will bring up the cardigan and there is the risk that some excess fat might show.

A good thing that we can learn from Sofia

Sofia pays attention to all details, just look at her, form head to toe she spends quite some time grooming herself. Some clues that indicate that she takes the time to look gorgeous are her nails and hair.

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