Amy Adams’ Wardrobe Story

'American Hustle' film premiere, New York, America - 08 Dec 2013. My Real American Hustle´s Story


Amy Adams’ American Hustle costumes tell a “real story”.

The 39-year-old actress plays con woman Sydney Prosser in David O. Russell’s latest drama.

Costume designer Michael Wilkinson worked alongside the cast to create the perfect outfits for their characters. While sketching Amy’s ensembles he was determined to capture Sydney’s past in the pieces.

“I try not to pick favourites; I try to be a fair parent to all of my creations. However, I am particularly proud of Amy Adam’s wardrobe. It was so exciting collaborating with such a smart and fun actress,” he told

“We had a real story to tell with her clothes. The first time we meet her, she’s from a small town and arrives in Manhattan to launch herself as the woman she’s always wanted to be. So we see her change from mousy and less confident outfits into some very strong, high-end designer pieces that she wears with supreme confidence, which was fun to explore.”

Jennifer Lawrence also appears in the movie and Michael enjoyed designing for her too. He is happy the 23-year-old Oscar-winner got involved with the creative process for her character Rosalyn Rosenfeld.

“We had lots of discussions about her character. We loved how she would flip between supreme confidence and heartbreaking vulnerability in an instant. And, a lot of the choices we made with her clothes were trying to reflect that, with the soft, sensual fabrics that were both sophisticated and fragile,” he explained.

“The way the outfits clung to her body in such a revealing way was both confident and also gave her a slight vulnerability. I think that really helped her find her character. She really checked her ego and her personal preferences at the door. She was so open to becoming this extraordinary character that wore such compelling and daring silhouettes to help her with her hustle.”

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