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Cara Delevinge at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Show

Victoria’s Secret Angels were given a “sexy bed head” look for their Fashion Show.

The lingerie giant staged their annual extravaganza earlier this month in New York City.

Working on the models’ hair backstage was hair stylist Orlando Pita, who passed on tips to create the perfect do for the catwalk.

“This season it was really important to show individual style as well as keeping in the theme of sexy bed head, glossy, Victoria’s Secret way,” he says in a behind-the-scenes video for

Orlando then went through how they created the wavy-hair finish. He raved about the brand’s styling products and why he uses them on the girls.

“First of all we’re gonna blow-dry her hair with the body and hold volumising mousse… We’re using the VS products in the hair because they always maintain shine and they keep that looseness and sexiness that’s so important for this kind of look,” he explained.

While he wanted all the girls to have a similar laid back, flowing finish, Orlando also adapted the style according to the models’ hairlines and personal taste. One example is Cara Delevingne, who had her hair in a side parting for the show.

“We’re trying to work with the girls’ length – we don’t want everybody to have really long hair,” Orlando added. “Some of the girls aren’t always gonna have the same hair length, some girls like a middle parting, some might like an off-centre parting to be a little more individual. The texture and the glossiness is what brings all the girls into a [similar] bed head look.”

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