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Jennifer Aniston reportedly sat for five hours to get extensions over the weekend.
The actress, who turns 45 on the 11th of this month, chopped off her locks last November after her hair was left damaged following a Brazilian Blowdry.
However it appears Jennifer didn’t warm to her new ‘do and recently went through an extensive process to have extensions put in.
“Jen had been complaining to friends that she didn’t like the short hairdo… she thought she wanted a drastic change, but felt it wasn’t the right look for her. Instead of just growing her hair out, Jen opted to have hair extensions put back in, which she has utilised in the past,” a source told RadarOnline.
“The entire process to put the extensions in took over five hours because of the amount of extensions she needed. If Jen was trying to have healthier hair, well, it’s not going to happen with those extensions.”
Betsy Riley of West Hollywood’s Argyle Salon & Spa previously told RadarOnline she believes the former Friends actress is using her hair as a publicity stunt. She wonders if Jennifer is planning to launch her own haircare range.
“I bet she’s coming out with her own smoothing product, and she’ll let us know her product is the best,” Betsy mused. “She’ll step out with gorgeous hair in a couple months and claim her product saved her hair.”
Jennifer’s close pal and hair dresser Chris McMillan insisted at the time the “chewed off and lived in” finish of her cut was what he’d planned.
But it seems the actress has had a change of heart and wants her youthful long locks back.
“Jen has never been low maintenance when it comes to her hair… her identity is really wrapped up in her hair,” the source added.
“She felt having the short hair made her look older, which she is trying to avoid. Having long hair, according to Jen, makes her look younger.”

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