Aniston’s Hot Holiday Hair

Jennifer Aniston wears a LBD for the "Life Of Crime" Press Conference - 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

Jennifer Aniston’s new look will be “hot for holiday”.

The former Friends star debuted her new cropped hair earlier this month and has gone for a baby blonde shade, thanks to her colourist Michael Canale.

He revealed why they decided to dye her locks lighter and has an inkling the look could prove as popular as the infamous ‘Rachel’ style, which he created in collaboration with her hairdresser Chris McMillan in the ’90s.

“We did a whole new look to bring out the whole new hair style,” he revealed to The Huffington Post.

“[It will] be the hot colour for holiday.”

It had been rumoured Jennifer decided to change her hair after it was left damaged by a keratin treatment.

However, Michael insists it was simply due to the amount of blowdrying her locks go through.

He also revealed how he achieved the star’s new colour.

“She is much more ‘popped’ throughout the part and fading to a darker tone in the back,” he said.

“[I used] paper thin highlights all around the face so that the hair shows movement and also accents the sides of the face.”

Jennifer has always been known for her bouncy blonde style, which her fans aim to recreate.

She revealed how her new look came about to recently.

“It was kind of spur-of-the-moment. I was flipping through the television channels and I paused it to take a picture and I sent it to Chris and he said, ‘That’s [stylist] Lawren Howell from Vogue!’ And then he said, ‘I just cut that!’ So that’s it,” she said.

“I did it! I feel great. I feel lighter.”

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