Anna Paquin Shows Slim Body 6 Months After Having Twin Babies

Anna Paquin shows her slim body shape after having twins last September.

Let’s be honest and accept that Anna looks amazing. After that I can share my thoughts on these pictures of celebrities who show an amazing body shape a few weeks after giving birth.

1. Getting your prebaby body back is hard and it takes time
2. Celebrities normally do it faster either because they go through cosmetic procedures or because they have strict fitness regimes that help them to lose weight
3. The body image of these stars is related to their jobs, they have to look good and slim to keep on getting jobs
4. These stars suffer a lot of pressure to look slim very soon
5. For women who are not famous it is harder to have the time to do that much exercise while caring for the baby, we don’t have the help that these stars have.
Anna Paquin Back to Slim After Having Twin Babies

My thoughts about going back to your prebaby body:

It’s okay to accept that someone else looks pretty but it is not healthy to compare ourselves with the starlets. Everybody has a time and even some famous women do. For example Hilary Duff has said that it can take upto 11 months to go back to your previous body and she believes that women who look slim just after birth are freaks of nature.

For some women it is easier than for others. It depends on many things, it is okay to look after yourself and watch what you eat but don’t starve or worry in excess. A baby requires a lot of energy and you need this from your meals. If you can give yourself sometime to exercise to start burning the extra calories little by little, even pushing the baby with the pram helps.

Anna Paquin's Stomach Back to Flat After Pregnancy

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