Anorexia Promotion? Are Models Encouraging Eating Disorders?

It looks like glossy magazines promote in a certain way eating disorders.

Vogue Italia 2011 shows the super skinny body of Karlie Kloss with a body frame that was posted on a website that promotes anorexia.

In a shoot for Vogue Italia with Steven Meisel last December, images showing Kloss’s protruding hip bones and minuscule waist sparked heated debate after they appeared on pro-anorexia websites.
The Daily Mail reports that the photos were replicated across the globe on myriad so-called Thinspiration sites, websites where vulnerable women and men post images and words that they believe will help them to lose weight to be more like their icons. Eating disorder associations spoke out to say that Kloss’s slight frame could have a negative effect on impressionable girls.
As soon as Vogue Italia learned that the images had appeared on the pro-anorexia sites, they pulled them from their own website.
Some months later, Vogue Italia’s editor Franca Sozzani admitted during a speech she gave to students at Harvard University that ‘fashion becomes one of the causes’ of anorexia.

This time Karlie’s sternum and prominent collar bones had been smoothed over wiht Photoshop for Numero Magazine.

Some have criticised the move, saying that that the images of Karlie show a slender model with normal ribs for a slim person leaning backwards – and suggest that the airbrushing by Número was over-zealous.

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Do you believe pictures like this one promote anorexia?

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