Anthony Vaccarello for Versus

Swarovski Dinner  In Honor of the Bouroullec Brothers At Chateau De Versailles. Vaccarello Teamed up Versus.


Anthony Vaccarello has teamed up with Versus.

The Paris-based designer has been confirmed to work with Donatella Versace on a capsule collection for the diffusion line of her eponymous fashion house.

Donatella couldn’t hide her excitement at collaborating with the fashion star.

“The clothes designed by Anthony have everything I love: they are sexy, dynamic, audacious,” she gushed in a press release.

“He is a natural talent, has both the technical skills and the confidence necessary to push fashion in the direction he wants for today’s women. I can’t wait to work with him and to see Versus Versace through his eyes.”

Alongside the capsule collection, Anthony will also create a range of accessories, all of which will debut next year with a special event.

The designer is also looking forward to sharing ideas with fashion legend Donatella, who he believes is like him in many ways.

“I’m happy to collaborate with Donatella for the new Versus Versace collection,” he explained. “Versace is a fashion house which [has] always used extraordinary techniques to realise its audacious, contemporary fashion. I feel we share a similar spirit; for me, it’s a dream collaboration.”

Versus is known for teaming up with style stars on capsule collections.

Previous collaborators have included British designer J.W. Anderson and singer M.I.A.

The collection will be made available to fashionistas online on the same day as its unveiling.

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