Anti-Ageing: 20s

Anti-Ageing 20s. Prevention Better Than Cure

Prevention is better than cure – this little saying has never been truer than when applied to anti-ageing. For 20-somethings, skin problems might finally be a thing of your pre-pubescent past. However, there’s no time like the present to start combating against ageing skin. This doesn’t mean you need to invest in expensive anti-wrinkle products; it’s just about taking care of your complexion and being sensible.

In some ways, your 20s are the most important as how you treat your skin now will be reflected on your face in years to come. While sun damage is unlikely to show yet, it’s still crucial to reach for products with an SPF. Clinique’s Superdefense is a great choice, as it features an SPF of 25 and will protect you against harsh everyday stresses. Besides looking out for sun protection, which moisturiser you pick is pretty irrelevant, just go for one that suits your skin type – so extra rich if you have dry skin, less so if it’s on the oily side.

Considering how important it is to look after your skin during this decade, it’s surprising there aren’t more products targeting women in their 20s. Clarins spotted the need for such ranges and introduced the Daily Energizers line, which is specifically for younger skin.

If like us you struggle to force yourself out of bed in the mornings, you’ll be a fan of the Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster. It contains toning green coffee, softening redcurrant and radiance boosting white tea and cocoa and can simply be applied with a cotton pad. It will instantly give you a bright, dewy look in preparation of the day ahead.

For the end of the day, there’s the Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel. It works hard to remove traces of make-up and to ward off the effects of pollution. Particularly for city girls, this is a total skin saviour.

The Daily Energizer Cream is packed with ingredients such as Vitamin C and turmeric, purifying alchemilla and radiance boosting gingko biloba. It can be used at any time of the day to give your complexion a moisture hit and some much-needed radiance.

One of the most important areas to target in your 20s is the under-eye section. As it’s so sensitive, it’s very prone to fine lines and dark circles and starting now will be a life saver in the long run. Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On massages the area and also provides a soothing, cooling effect, meaning your eyes will stay looking young and fresh.

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