Applying Wax in Your Underarm and Upper Lip

There are a few steps that you should follow if you are going to perform a Waxing Procedure in someone else. You can just change the “client” word for yourself or for the friend you are performing this beauty treatment.

1. Prepare the tools and wax
2. Prepare the room and the the couch where the client would be sitted or lying.
3. Prepare the wax
4. Examine the skin and the hair growth
5. Protect the clients clothes
6. Position the client
7. Prepare the skin
8. Trim excessive hairs with talc
9. Test the wax in the wrist

Hot wax
1. Putting the spatula in to the pot and twist some wax around the spatula controlling the drips.

2. Stretching the area of skin with the free hand to be waxed in order to allow all the hairs in the specific area to be covered by the wax.
3. Apply the wax with the spatula to the skin in strips, working against and with the direction of the hair growth.It is advisable to work in about 5cm strips or you will find larger strips messy and difficult to remove from the skin.
4. The wax should be applied at approx. 3mm thickness.
Experienced beauty therapist are able to put a few stripes at a time.



Go to the first area of skin which has wax on and feel the wax which should be fairly warm.
Press the strip of wax to the area of skin below.

Flick up the end of the lower edge of the strip of wax. Support the surrounding skin with your free hand while you do this.

Remove the wax strip swiftly against the direction of the hair growth.

You can then immediately apply pressure or rub the skin lightly to reduce the effects of stinging once the strip has been removed.

Remove any small patches of reaming wax by immediately pressing the exposed side of the warm strip of used wax to the area.

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