Armani Enjoys Not Speaking English

Giorgio Armani presents: 'One Night Only', New York, America - 24 Oct 2013. Armani Doesn´t Need to Speak English.

Giorgio Armani likes having the “little luxury” of not speaking English.

The Italian fashion designer has never felt the need to learn the language, meaning that many of his interviews are conducted via an interpreter. This was the case during his recent talk with Derek Blasberg for V Magazine, during which Giorgio explained why he’s happy with the arrangement.

“Never say never. But at the moment I grant myself this little luxury of not learning English,” he said. “Not speaking it grants me the electrifying feeling of being a foreigner in transit. I like this.”

Giorgio also spoke about the things his career has afforded him. At 79 he doesn’t do anything he is uninterested in and feels fine about speaking his mind, although he claims this is less to do with his longevity in the industry and more with his personality.

“I haven’t really thought about it. I think that it’s a stage that you arrive at unknowingly and you act accordingly,” he mused. “Like when you move from adolescence to maturity, one day you are no longer a boy but a man. That’s all there is to it. I have always been a man of action.”

Giorgio has dressed some of the most iconic women in the world and was behind the stage pieces Lady Gaga wore during her Monster Ball and Born This Way Ball tours. However, he finds it hard to name just one muse.

“Many,” he replied, when asked about the women who has inspired him. “Certain garments are created especially for some of them, like the decidedly eccentric dress I designed for Lady Gaga. But I shouldn’t name names when it comes to my muses. I would forget someone and I wouldn’t hear the end of it…”

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