Armani on Suit Success

Giorgio Armani presents: 'One Night Only', New York, America - 24 Oct 2013. Armani´s Suits Symbol of Triumph.


Giorgio Armani sees his suits as an “emblem of success”.

The designers clothing will be adorning Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, about a wealthy stockbroker.

Giorgio can see why his designs were picked for Leonardo’s character, Jordan Belfort.

“The era of power dressing on Wall Street projected tremendous amounts of resolute strength. I remember the period well, when my deconstructed suiting emerged as an emblem of success,” Giorgio explained to WWD. “The complex character of Jordan Belfort required a look with the same unmatched nerve and sense of self.”

The crisp shirts and smart suits work perfectly for Leonardo’s dapper, well-to-do character.

For Martin it was a no-brainer about which designer to approach.

“Giorgio Armani revolutionised male fashion design – he gave us a new idea of elegance that was, and still is, a perfect fit with the times,” the director gushed.

“Giorgio and I have collaborated together many times over the years, and it was a joy to do so once again, to go back in time to tell a story that authentically showcases the style of the early ‘90s.”

To get the look just right, Giorgio worked with costume designer Sandy Powell.

“The Armani look of the ‘90s was among the most widely influential menswear styles of that era and we endeavoured to capture that same iconic look through our partnership with the Mr. Armani and his team,” she smiled.

Giorgio is set to present the Paris premiere of the movie on December 9 and the world premiere in New York City on December 17.

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