Artificial leather: the fashionable trend for a natural look among the stars

Luisa Zissman wears a red hot leather dress

Leather (fake and artificial) seems to be a current trend among the Hollywood stars.

In the last few days I have observed that the famous and fashionable stars are wearing leather pants, skirts and even shorts.

This is a collection of pictures of some splendid ladies wearing what I believe is artificial leather. It gives me the impression that what is actually chic at the moment is the synthetic garment. Natural leather could be expensive but for faces like these ones, I don’t think that the money they spend in clothes is an issue. I accredit the artificial form of this garment more to a trend than to an actual lack of money to buy real animal skin.

Let’s enjoy then some pictures and observe how these beautiful ladies put an outfit together wearing black leather as part of their attire.

In picture #1 for those who are unsure about wearing the Autumn fashion, Luisa Zissman shows how it will look if you go for a leather a-line dress.

Kristin Cavallari shows her beautiful legs wearing a leather miniskirt
Kristin Cavallari chose this garment as a key part of her outfit to go out to a nightclub in Los Angeles. If you wonder what celebrities wear when they go out partying this is a good example.

Cassie Scerbo wears synthetic leather shorts
Cassie Scerbo went for artificial leather too. The star kept it to the minimal since she is only wearing a small short that she paired with a non-conventional black and white stripy coat. Observe the picture closely and you will note how much the actress is relying on her accessories to make herself flash.

Kylie Jenner shows legs in an asymmetric skirt that seems to be the trend
Kylie Jenner paired a leather style asymmetric skirt with high heel sandals (Gladiator Style) and a simple white see through t-shirt just to be out and about.

Sarah Harding wears plastic leather pants

Sarah Harding is also daring to wear pants made out of the synthetic material. The English singer and song-writer is softening the outfit with her selection of pastels. The 31 year old looks different to the average consumer of this fad. The grey colour of her pants is what puts her apart from the rest of the trend-followers. It gives me the impression that the star wants to say “I am a good girl”; the fact that she is wearing pink and that she is not interested in showing a lot of skin is what makes me feel like this. We can still admire her slim and sexy body with those tight leather pants. It makes me wonder if her ‘good girl’ image seems fake when she has chosen artificial leather. It is good to be playful and create confusing messages with your attire. The only thing that I didn’t like from this shooting is her pose, her arm at the backs makes her look as if she didn’t have one arm.

Emmy  Rossum wears an A-line  leather skirt
Emmy Rossum follows the trend of leather wearing a black skirt and a spotty blouse. I don’t like how the A-line skirt looks in this material, it creates an effect of thickness and volume, maybe it adds the extra volume that we women are more interested in hiding. The material of this particular skirt looks very refined, in fact it is hard to say if it is artificial or not. About her top selection I would say that we can learn that it is not only about finding a pairing a blouse with matching colours, if we observe this clothing selection of the American actress the black and white choice works good but the skirt is already a lot. Daring to wear contrasting dots plus a heavy a-line leather skirt makes it look like it is lacking of style because she is not giving emphasis in one particular thing of her outfit. A simple monochromatic crop top could probably look better and make the viewer grasp the concept of femininity that this kind of skirt is meant to express.

Audrina Patridge wears a fashionable leather jacket
Fashionable but traditional is the black and short leather jacket that Audrina Patridge selected to cover herself from the chilli night when she was spotted leaving the night club in Hollywood.

If you are tempted to get a leather garment maybe a jacket is a good investment, you can wear it for many different occasions including going to work or going out partying. They are not expensive but it is a classic that can stay in your wardrobe waiting to be used the next year once the cold season is gone.

For the more daring you might want to consider a body hugging dress similar to what beautiful and corageous Rihanna has on for her glamorous photoshoot.

Rihanna wears an artificial leather body hugging dress

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