Asher Keddie Happy with her Freckles

Asher Keddie shares Beauty Secrets

Asher Keddie spoke about her flaws and beauty aspirations a few months ago at The Body Issue for The Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine January 2011.

“Do I care about beauty, or feel pressure to look a certain way?”

“For me, it’s just never been a major issue. It’s nothing I’m concerned about. My parents always instilled in me that it was far more important to be bright, generous and kind. Those attributes are more important than, you know, what’s on the outside”

The Australian actress who is 37 now also spoke about her insecurities.

“If we’re really honest, we all go through a stage where we want the cookie-cutter prettiness that some women have”

“As a young actress I certainly did”

The Aussie star also added: “I wanted to look like everybody else, I wanted to look like the pretty girls who were getting all the roles, but now I’m kind of glad the I look the way I do”.

About her freckles Asher said:

“Why on earth would I want to [get rid off my freckles]? I actually quite like my freckles – they remind me of when I was a little girl. They’re something unique. If you have unique features, then surely that’s something to celebrate?”

Her final thoughts during the interview with Kelly Baker were about her personal concept of beauty.

“Beauty is is about happiness and embracing all the good things in life; it’s about feeling good about you”

“It comes from the inside out. It’s such a cliche, I know, but I believe it’s true.

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