Ashish Gupta: Sequins are stylish

Ashis in casual clothes

Ashish Gupta views sequins as an art form.

While others have dismissed the decoration as cheap, 39-year-old Ashish has always embraced the sparkles and it has since become his signature look.

Growing up in India, Ashish moved to London when he was accepted to study an MA in fashion at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

“When I started using sequins on clothes they were regarded as cheap embellishment, but I always thought they were an art form. Working with sequins is quite technical, involving a totally different way of working with the fabric.

“People always ask me why I’m still doing sequins but they are no less valid than a brand whose signature is trench coats or digital prints,” Ashish told British newspaper The Telegraph.

Known for itsbright colours as well as shimmering sequins, the design house is a firm favourite of stars such as Madonna, Miley Cyrus and M.I.A.

But getting to the top wasn’t an easy path, and a trip to Paris nearly ended in disaster for a newly-graduated Ashish.

“When I finished my MA I went to Paris for some job interviews but my portfolio was nicked at the Gare du Nord. It was the worst moment of my life. I had to get my tutor to send a letter to the High Commission in Paris because I had no papers and couldn’t get back into Britain,” he recalled.

“After that I went to India and made a small collection of ten pieces. A fashion editor at Tank magazine saw them and loved them. The next week I got a call from a buyer at Browns. They’ve stocked me ever since.”

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