Asian Nose Reshaping without Cosmetic Surgery

The number of Asian patients seeking nose reshaping is increasing everyday.

StyleList says that a nonsurgical technique that subtly brings features into greater symmetry without changing the character of the shape of the nose is currently gaining popularity amongst minority Asian communities.

The 15-minute procedure, referred to as “injection rhinoplasty,” involves small, strategic injections of either a temporary or permanent filler into the nose to fix bumps, droopy tips, crooked shapes, and flat bridges.

There are rumors that super model Joan Smalls has chosen the super injection rhinoplasty to reshape her nose.

The images below are from a L.A. plastic surgeon Alexander Rivkin who performs the procedure frequently and says his practice has recently seen a surge in Asian patients — the majority of whom want to build up the bridge of their nose. Dr. Rivkin sees about four or five patients a day, who are often of Chinese, Filipino, and Korean heritage.

Rhinoplasty Injections Patient

The options:

In the United States patients can choose from temporary Radiesse injections, which last between 10 to 12 months and cost about $1,000, or a more permanent option like Artefill, which was approved by the FDA in 2007. I will find out what is the case in Australia.

The problem is that so many images of perfect celebrities are having an impact on Asian Women’s self-esteem.

This patient said that the beautiful women with Western features always were on covers and graced the pages, which started to make her feel different and insecure so she opted for this option to change the shape of her nose.

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