At-home facials become a disaster for Blake Lively

Blake leaves her hair down for this very elegant outfit

lake Lively often gives herself facials which result in her needing “lots of concealer”.

The 26-year-old actress enjoys being pampered but is so busy, finding the time for a spa visit can be tricky. Instead she gives things a go at home, although the results are sometimes a little dubious.

“I like having massages but don’t have time to get treatments that often. I do my own manis because I love playing with nails. I’m very seasonal – I’d have Christmas trees on my nails all through December if I could,” she laughed to British magazine InStyle. “And I’ll give myself horrible at-home facials that end in lots of concealer. But I find the best way to unwind is a bath, as much sleep as possible and watching cookery shows in bed.”

When she isn’t trying out new lotions and potions Blake likes to keep things simple. She doesn’t see the point in slapping on loads of make-up and also prefers to fake her tan these days.

“My beauty routine is simple: take care of your skin and pick one product – maybe a great mascara or a beautiful lip colour – that makes you feel confident. Growing up in California, I was out in the sun a lot but I’m more careful now,” she explained.

The star also knows what suits her when it comes to her tresses. She is known for her long blonde locks and doesn’t think she’ll ever radically overhaul her style.

“I feel most comfortable with natural, wavy hair, but I love experimenting, as long as it still looks effortless,” she said. “At the Green Lantern premiere I had lots of little braids woven into one bigger braid. It was complicated but there was something undone about it that I loved.”

© Cover Media / sydney4womenBlake leaves her hair down for this very elegant outfit

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