Australian Magazines: Who is covering this March?

Lara Stone Retouched for Vogue Australia
LAra Stone went retouched for Vogue Australia – March 2013.

Lara Stone covers Vogue Australia’s March edition with a shoot by Angelo Pennetta. For the session the always stylish fashion editor was Christine Centenera who selected for Lara pieces from the likes of Miu Miu, and Balmain. The hairstylist was Neil Moodie and the Makeup Aritst was Lauren Parsons. I publish this because I am often asked who are the stylists of the stars.

Ellen Degeneres covers The Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine

Ellen Degeneres covers The Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine. I wonder if Ellen is all retouched in this cover.

Part of the interview includes two questions that I thought are worth sharing.

Your legacy will be the barriers you leapt over during your career — is that a point of pride for you?
I get a lot of emails from people who tell me that I gave them the courage to be themselves. That’s such an amazing feeling. When you’re afraid of what other people might think about you, it’s hard to grow as a person, so I’m proud I was able to let that idea go. I love breaking through barriers, whether it’s with my career or with my car. I don’t like barriers in general.

From the outside, your job often looks genuinely difficult: dealing with people who are suffering great trauma — a cancer diagnosis, for example — how do you approach the difficult interviews?
I can’t solve everyone’s problems, so I just focus on what I can do, which is make someone smile or laugh. And of course, dancing never hurts. I end up being so inspired by those guests — they’re really remarkable.

Ellen Degeneres covers The Australian Women's Weekly Magazine

More questions at The Women’s Weekly website

Naomi Watts covers Madison Magazine Australia

Naomi Watts retouched for MAdison MAgazine Australia
Naomi Watts covers Madison magazine and for sure she will be talking about playing Princess Diana. The star covered Vogue Australia in February 2013 and she talked about the pressure on looking like Diana.

‘In the case of Diana, of course, there is a huge pressure to look right, to have good hair, to walk and speak like her.
‘And I instantly thought “Oh no, I’m going to fail at that because the comparisons are going to be monumental”.

Maybe she is also talking about her chances of winning an Oscar.

Cosmopolitan Magazine March 2013

is covered by Rachel Bilson

One of the quotes that I liked the most about this interview with Rachel Bilson is:

“Wear what makes you happy, and don’t put too much thought into it. You can’t pay attention to criticism, it’s not healthy.”

About her personal style the actress said:

“I really just like to throw things together and be comfy. I’m a casual dresser. I enjoy mixing and matching and layering – just throwing things together. So it’ll be a mash-up.”

Rachel Bilson airbrushed by Cosmopolitan Magazine 2013 March Australia

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