Average Breast Implant Size in Australia


“The average size we sell is 325ml-350ml, but on the Gold Coast we add another 50ml-75ml on top of that – and more,” said Sydney-based Mr Steventon in 2008 as published at GoldCoast.com.au

Nick Steventon of breast implant supplier Mentor has told The Bulletin that the average size of implants sold on the Coast is 50 to 75ml larger than the average nationwide.

He said not only did Coast women have, on average, larger fake breasts, they were also more inclined to make a real statement with their new assets.

“Our largest implant is about 700ml. We sell them all the time on the Gold Coast but I don’t recall selling any in Melbourne,” he said. “Melbourne is very conservative in its sizes — the Gold Coast is not.”

Coast plastic surgeon Dr Craig Layt said his average implant size was 375ml-400ml. He believed the main reason Coast women were out in front was environmental, not socio-cultural.

“It’s been known for years that as you head north the size of breast augmentation tends to be larger,” he said. “People on the Gold Coast are more likely to be wearing bikinis and low-cut tops. It’s the same in the US: if you go to Boston the augmentation rate and size is significantly less and smaller than it is in California.”

Ethnicity could also be a factor, he said.

“In Melbourne there’s a larger Italian and Greek population than here and those girls often have larger breasts to start with, so often you are topping up what they already have,” he said.

“I am guessing that we have a larger Caucasian population — smaller-breasted girls who want to be larger — but certainly the major factor is just the outdoor, beach-girl culture.”

What kind of women get breast implants in Australia?

He said the lion’s share of his clients were ‘for want of a better word, yummy mummies’ who wanted their original breasts back — and maybe a few centimetres more.

“I see lots of ladies who have had their children and who then want back what they had — and sometimes with a bit more,” said Dr Layt. “I am not considered to be someone who puts in huge breast implants … but if a patient comes to me and wants it, maybe if she’s an exotic dancer, or has a particular frame or wants a certain look, then I’m not averse to that.”

Most of those clients were after ‘dress-up dress-down breasts’ — a natural look when needed and a ‘less-natural’ look when desired, he said.

“A lot of them don’t want their breasts to be the centre of attention, they want to throw on a T-shirt on a Sunday morning and go have a coffee and have nobody notice, but then they can go to a ball and put on a more figure-hugging top and suddenly they’ve got a great set of breasts.”

Although this information is not very recent I found it interesting to share.

See this video with real Australian Women in Bikini.

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