How to Avoid Being Scared of Failure

Changing your thoughts has effects on the RESULTS and in the way you feel about yourself!

If you want to be happy with yourself you will have to decide and probably learn how to change your thoughts.

When you change your thoughts you free yourself of those limiting beliefs that do not let you give your best so you give yourself permission to make mistakes, you try more things and you achieve more things but it also reduces your levels of stress.

By reducing those voices that keep telling you:

= You can’t
= You won’t succeed
= You will fail

Kristin CavallariFor more positive thoughts such as:

= You can only give your best
= I have high chances of succeeding if do my best
= Even if I fail I will learn

If we manage to change our emotions toward the goal we are more likely to succeed, it is in a way programming ourselves towards achieving or failing.

It happens like this:

Like attracts like

We are so scared of failing that we start attracting failure to our lives.

It does sound like the law of attraction but it is simpler than that: we are focusing in the NOT FAILING rather than if PERFORMING TO OUR BEST!

If we manage to reduce the stress and to be more relaxed we are more FLEXIBLE and more open to new opportunities so it might be that we get to know someone or find a tool that will really help us to achieve whatever it is that is worrying us so much.

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