Bad Dress Sense

Giorgio Armani - One Night Only NYC - SuperPier - Arrivals. Olivia wears stylish outfits.


Olivia Munn’s teenage dress sense made her stick out like a “sore thumb”.

The 33-year-old actress always wears stylish outfits these days and is known for her glamorous appearance on the red carpet.

When growing up in Japan Olivia wasn’t as bothered about her overall appearance, but that changed when her family moved back to America.

“I wore men’s clothing a lot in high school because I wanted to hide behind baggy pants and T-shirts. When I moved from Japan to Oklahoma at 16 I tried to go more preppy to fit in,” she recalled to

“I ditched my skater clothes but I just ended up looking like some weird girl desperately trying to fit in. The kids in school would be wearing sweater vests from Gap, but we couldn’t afford brand new clothes so I would borrow my grandmother’s linty, moth-eaten sweater vests and not realise how much of a sore thumb I looked like.”

Olivia has pieces she couldn’t bear to live without in her wardrobe. She also shared her obsession with footwear.

“There are many things I would hate to part with: my Chanel purses, my vintage 1970s Hermès purse, my grandmother’s jewellery, Lanvin boots – just to name a few,” she smiled.

“If my shoes could talk, they’d say, ‘She showed us such love for the first two days, then she wore us in the rain and on New York streets and let all of her friends borrow us and we need help. Save us!’”

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