Baring Skin? Kate Middleton Keeps ‘A-breast’ of the Scandal

It seems that for Kate Middleton everything is about ‘nude’ today.

‘Nude shoes’, ‘Barefoot’ and now topless.

Kate didn’t quite right bared her feet during her trip in Malasya when she visited the Mosque. The Duchess did take her shoes off but her skin was not revealed (the 30-year-old royal kicked off her £185 nude LK Bennett heels but she was wearing stockings).

These pictures seemed to be great for the image that the Crown is creating for Will’s wife until new pictures where she did revealed more exciting skin were published by a French Magazine.

Everybody wants to see Kate’s breasts and here they are…

The news went from:

The Duchess of Cambridge evoked memories of Princess Diana this morning as she and Prince William made their first ever visit to a mosque.

The Daily Mail


The Royal Family was still reeling from the naked Prince Harry scandal – and now a French magazine has published snaps claiming to show Kate Middleton topless.

Our future Queen faces embarrassment today after the revealing pictures of her taken as she and Prince William enjoyed a private sunshine holiday this month were printed.

Kate and Wills thought they would not be photographed as they stayed at the magnificent Chateau D’Autet in Provence, owned by a nephew of the Queen.

But France’s Closer mag obtained images of the pair, now in Malaysia as part of the Diamond Jubilee tour, by the swimming pool – including snaps of Kate, 30, half naked.

I would say: If you are so famous never think there is no possibility of being photographed.

Kate is now in the cover of the French Mag and everybody is jumping online to see the Royal Breasts.

Maybe now Kate’s breasts will become an inspiration for cosmetic surgeons and women who want to look Royal.

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