Beat Ingrown Hairs

Young woman shaving her legs in bathroom.Don’t feel threatened anymore with ingrow hairs.


We all know how annoying it can be when you have lovely smooth legs the day you shave them, but suddenly little bumps appear to blemish their appearance.

Ingrown hairs are the bane of a women’s beauty regime but you needn’t feel threatened anymore.

Rather than splashing out on products to solve this frustrating, unflattering problem, there are easier ways to get rid of these pesky little blotches.

Exfoliating is one method which To get the best results, use an exfoliating pad, or invest in some exfoliating gloves to get better coverage.

A natural body wash is best when doing this, as those with added scents and chemicals may cause the ingrown hairs to flare up. A mixture of olive oil and sugar will also work if you can’t get a hold of any products.

Gently scrub the areas which are most affected, twice a day if possible. This process will lift any dirt and remove oils and dead skin cells which are restricting the roots. It may also help bring the hairs out of your skin as you run the material over them from a range of angles rather than up and down.

It is important to ensure you’re tender during this, as if you scrub too hard your skin will flare up and be left sore, which isn’t ideal on top of the ingrown hairs.

If you want a technique which doesn’t require as much physical work, there is the compress method. Using a hot cloth, or if the area is particularly small a cotton wool pad, press it down onto the ingrown hairs. Let it rest until the material gets cool, then simply run it under hot water again, wring it out and place it back.

The heat will bring the hair closer to the surface and disperse of any puss which may have gathered around the pore. It may not happen straight away, but after a few times you should be able to see the tip of the hair arising.

Whatever you do, don’t squeeze ingrown hairs because, as mentioned above, it will only make them more sensitive.

Once/if the hairs are fully visible and easy to access, you could always use a pair of thoroughly sterilised tweezers to pluck it out. As long as the tip is above the surface you can softly tug it out, but don’t dig about for it.

After you’ve shaven your legs and removed any ingrown hairs, applying an antiseptic cream or gel will help keep the area clean and protected from infections. A spot of moisturiser daily will also not go amiss and is guaranteed to keep your pins flawless and soft.

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