Beat the Shine

VARIOUS.Give your skin a more matte finish.

If you’re worried about your complexion appearing too shiny don’t – there are ways to without having to buy new make-up.

One way you can achieve this is by applying a primer before your usual foundation. Make sure you target your T-Zone – forehead, nose and chin – and if you can, opt for an anti-shine or oil-free primer. This will keep your make-up in place, even if you wear a powder and blusher on top of your base.

If you do use a powder to remove any shine, avoid a heavy layer when piling it on. Believe it or not, this triggers your pores to release more oils, which is exactly what you don’t want them to do. Only apply to areas that are more prone to shine than others (as mentioned above), rather than all over.

Another tip is to use a brush when putting it on rather than a sponge or powder puff. This light sprinkle effect will allow it to set quicker.

If you suffer from oily skin you should already have a matte powder formula, as this is best for a flawless finish. You may also want to opt for a translucent shade as if you do want to touch it up after the first application, you don’t want it to make your skin tone darker.

You can also treat yourself to a face mask once or twice a week to give your skin a thorough clean and remove any impurities. This will also help tighten the pores up, hopefully resulting in a more matte appearance. Masks with kaolin or bentonite clay will have the best results for this process as they are the best natural absorbers and known for calming any irritations.

If you still feel like your skin has a slight shine, touch up your face with blotching papers throughout the day.  Some sheets are made to remove the oil, while others have a light touch of powder. you can either use them at the beginning of the day before putting on your usual make-up or simply dab them lightly with product on to ensure you don’t leave bare patches.

There’ll be no need to worry about oily skin if you follow these simple tips.

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