Beautiful and Famous Women Also Look Tired | Check Mila & AnnaSophia

We all agree that Mila Kunis is absolutely beautiful.

However, she also gets tired after a long day of work, just like you and me.

All women suffer of tiredness. Don’t think that it is only you who looks ugly when you are tired.

I don’t think that there is nothing like looking ugly, we are just tired and we cannot look perfect at all times.

Mila Kunis looking tired (with swollen eyes) at the set

Mila Kunis takes a break from filming “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn” in Los Angeles.

Remember also that the light is not helping Mila here in this snap.

Anna Sophia Robb was also seen in a very casual outfit with minimal make up with a very different look to what she shows at the red carpet.

Anna Sophia Robb in trackpants & Messy Hair

AnnaSophia Robb leaves heads to the set of “The Carrie Diaries” in New York City.

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