Beautiful Kate Middleton shows the look of a woman who just gave birth

Decorations of the City for the Royal Baby

KAte and William show of their beutiful baby. It is a boy! The future king.

The proud parents let the world see the Royal Baby for the first time.

And we women also got to check out the beauty of Kate Middleton, on day after giving birth.

Kate Middleton shows post pregnancy body

We women are so curious of how women look after having a baby. KAte looks beautiful and happy, I believe that we women should be more caring about these things rather than paying attention to how the bodies look because it is a natural process of our human bodies, it takes time to go back to your pre-baby body. It cannot happen in a matter of hours. We should be patient and less critical, I think. I believe that pictures like these ones where we can see that even the Royal Ladies have a journey with their bodies.

We get to see these Hollywood stars who appear on Magazines a few days after having babies with very flat stomachs. I am glad Kate has shown us how real women are.

Kate Middleton's Face After Giving Birth

I loved this pictures, the beautiful face of a new mother who has given birth and who is proud of being a mum.

Kate Middleton's Beautiful Face After Giving Birth

It has been said that Kate chose this outfit to pay a little tribute to her mother in law. Diana came out from hospital with a similar outfit.

KAte Middleton: The Happy Mother

The new baby will cherish pictures like this one for ever.

KAte Middleton wears a polka dot dress

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