Beautiful without Make Up

Women are beautiful with and without make up.

It is nice to play with make up to look prettier, that sends your brain and heart a message of “I love me”, “I am important”, “I can take time to look after myself”…

But what happens when we don’t have make up on. Can we accept ourselves? Do we feel naked? Do we feel someone else will judge us by who we really are and not by who we try to show.

I loved this picture of Kylie Minogue without make up, she looks pretty and simple.

Don’t you think that a woman who dares to show her face to the world even being so famous without make up is more confident that those who would never leave home for the fear of being criticized or seen as they really are.

We should not be fearful, we are all pretty if we feel we are!

Kylie Minogue

It is interesting to see how walking on the streets without make up for celebrities like Kylie becomes a headline news on major international papers. This is the link to the news to the Daily Mail.

The most important thing is being happy with myself! Learn how to…

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