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beauty expo

this is not a photo of the actual expo

Last weekend we had in Sydney the popular Sydney International Beauty & Spa Expo that I visited on Saturday.

Lots of women (and some men) in the Beauty Industry attended the Show this weekend that took part at the Sydney Exhibition Centre this previous Saturday and Sunday.

Prebookings were available for quite a long time. I was there from early 10 a.m. and long quays were waiting for us. Still the ones that had their previous IDs still had to wait to get a proper badge printed. It wasn’t a long wait and after a few minutes we were all inside the expo. Ready to see the surprises for us!
nails and beauty wholesale suppliers in sydney
For a moment I though the name of the expo was wrong, that they would have better named it “The Nail Expo”. You can imagine why. Lots and lots of stands were there to offer everything about nails, from acrylic nails to proper nail bars where you were able to get your nails done at a “discounted show price”. But after a little while I discovered that the show was not only about nails.

I did a lot of research on some interesting products and I got the contact details and reviews to share with you during the next few days.

Stay in touch because there is a lot to talk about. This industry is huge and very competitive bus still all these businesses in the cosmetic surgery, beauty, skin care, weight loss, tanning, nails, wrinkles, laser hair removal find their niche to stand out. The huge number of organic and natural products that participated on the show are worth to review.

Exhibitors from different states and even from different countries such as China and the UK were ready there to make deals. I honestly have the feeling that not many of the visitors are real buyers, some of them just manage to squeeze in to buy at “wholesale prices” all these expensive beauty products. We would have to talke to the exhibitors and find out if it was worth it to spend that amount of money for their stand compared to the number of sales or leads that they got from the show.

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