Beauty Inside Out: Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama's Profile Pic shows nice smile & nose

Michelle is starting a new stage in her life and she has shown it from the inside out. The most famous lady in the USA has got a brand new hair cut and as always she is a fashion statement. We have seen beautiful Michelle showing off her curves in different occasions this 2013.

The wife of the most powerful man in the world proves that you don’t need cosmetic surgery to be gifted, glamourous and pretty. Check out her profile picture above that shows her natural smile and nose without a rhinoplasty.

Her inside beauty includes a Harvard Law Degree, a strong love relationship with
Barrack, they have been married for more than 10 years.

Michelle inspires women from all over the world to exercise. Her routine consists of 90 minutes work outs 3 times a day. She is so fit and strong that we have seen her doing push ups with Ellen Degeneres. It is interesting that her biceps and triceps are an inspiration for women around the world who ask their personal trainers to get those strong arms.

Michelle Obama Exercising

Below we can see more pictures of this American Beauty in 2013.

Michelle Obama Sneaks a Peak of her breasts & shows amazing figure

Michelle Obama sneaks a tiny peak of her breasts wearing a Zac Posen dress at the inaguration event 2013. The first lady shows her curves in this amazing outfit.

Michelle Obama shows curves in casual clothes

Mrs. O. is not scared of anything. She is not scared of showing off her curves and doing the hard work, we can see her in this picture painting at a public school. She wears casual clothes that include jeans and boots and a fitting top that highlights her amazing body shape.

Of course Michelle’s beauty includes the pride of a being a mother of 2 beautiful girls Sasha & Malia.

Michelle has a deep knowledge about fashion. Even in her simplest outfits she knows how to put things together. Here she is wearing a white lose fitted Alexander McQueen shirt, to bring her signature she added a jeweled belt.

Michelle, Sasha & Maila Obama Fashionable Outfits

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